The subject of this study were 55 students of Educational Technology Department who were actively involved and participated from the beginning of research until the end. Through this study, it found out, there are three patterns used in discussion forum between the students with the lecturer and among the students themselves. Those patterns are: colesed, semi-open and open. In closed pattern, the lecturer gives the main topic and sub topic need to bee discussed. Meanwhile, in semi-open, the lecturer gives the main topic only and students are given the sub topic. Then, in an open pattern, the lecturer gives general description about the topic, the students dicide the topic and its sub topic. The interaction levels on each discussion pattern from the highest are: clossed pattern, open pattern adn the las is semi-open. Using online learning exposes the positive impact to the student. They feel that they are abbleto explore many reference needed for the subjects. They are also ableto state their opinion without having the feeling of embrassed. It is due to the fact that they do not need to have direct contact with the lecturer or among them selves.

Keyword: pola diskusi, pembelajaran online,  tingkat interaksi

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